Observations #01




Yesterday. Emotions mixed like they were tossed in the blender on a low setting, getting things done but savoring the minutes. I stood with several other tourists in front of Genkan Dome, a once industrial promotion hall of Hiroshima prefecture.

We all know how that changed.

At 8:15am on August 6th 1945 the A-bomb missed its mark but succeeded (?) in its mission. Though the deaths of innocents is not something I wish to refer to as “success.” Standing there with this destroyed structure among many smiling, and a few somber, visitors from around the globe, I couldn’t help but feel like I should apologize for the whole war.

I am American. We may have not picked the fight. It doesn’t change that we were a part of the horror. Soaking up the history, trying to understand what took place, made it clear: war is never the answer.

I hope our leaders know that. I doubt if they do.

The innocence in my daughter’s smile kept me strong. I have to be the change I wish to see in the world. For her. But I cannot do it alone. In my opinion, we are still in rough times. But I know the hope is in the young. Each passing generation has more tolerance, the doors of the mind are opening wider, they travel more, make friends from various parts of the world.

I, too, made acquaintance with a family from Belgium as they talked to my 22-month-old girl while she sang Whitney Houston’s rendering of “I Will Always Love You” to a mocking dog in a souvenir shop in Kurashiki.

Then after the sadness of Genkan Dome, we ferried to Miyajima and saw the stunning Itsukushima shrine. This was in stark contrast. Brightly colored in the orange we often associate with Buddhism and on the sea with deer roaming around, herons in the water and several happy people from places I have probably never heard of, well, it told me I was at the right place. Living for experience.

In the end that’s all I will have. So I had better get it while the getting is good.

My final picture of the day was of a crow in front of sunset and it captured the day well.


Two Covers Revealed

Lynn Lesher has outdone herself with two amazing covers, coming at you from Edd and Kindra Sowder of Burning Willow Press.

Here look:

“Butterflies in the Killing Fields” is pressed between this haunting art, amongst many talented authors, such as Kerry Alan Denney.

“Butterflies” finds an American backpacker in Cambodia. While missing his daughter back home, and fighting his depression about her mother who left him, he seeks history. His own ancestors were victims of the genocide brought on but Pol Pot in the 70s. But this backpacker discovers more than he bargain for at The Killing Fields.

And here:


“Rituals of a Wild Species” is more than a southern horror tale; it is a criticism of the crazy shit people do to celebrate life’s milestones. When a young band set out for a night of unforgettable fun on the singer’s 21st, they learn a valuable lesson. Question is: will they survive the terror around them and make the changes within?

I Hear Reviews A-Comin…

I’ll let the readers do the talking in this post, but do want to say how flippin’ much I appreciate you taking time to share your opinions on my work.

So far better than expected.

They say the rocketship of being a writer doesn’t land in the literary world until you get a one star review, but right now I am soaring among the stars.

It’s (a)Live

My book is up on Amazon and selling well. I hope you buy a paperback and enjoy the free download for Kindle. Or you could just buy the one for Kindle. Many of my subscribers have freebies coming their way this week.

If you decide to purchase copy, be warned of scammers, such as the folks hocking it at around 30 bucks. It is a great collection. I should know, I wrote the thing. Be that as it may, it can be yours for less than 8 dollars.

Exhibit A:

And please leave a review on Amazon, good or bad, identified or anonymous. More reviews mean more exposure of my book from the powers of Amazon.

Thank you and happy reading.

Review in

Got my first review for my short story Ugly as Sin, available in Crossroads in the Dark III by Burning Willow Press.

Thanks, Ryan. That was what I was going for. A novella? I just might.

His own story Consumption is a very original and engaging read. I am proud of the novella we are working on together. In the meantime, please pick up his debut novel coming at the end of January.