GUIZHOU GIRL to Appear in David Bowie collection

    I am beyond excited to announce my short story “Guizhou Girl” will be out soon in the anthology 47 – 16: A Collection of Short Fiction and Poetry Inspired by David Bowie.  This collection is preparing to be released in digital and paperback form around Easter.

The proceeds will go to Cancer Research.  How cool is that! I have recently lost two close family members to lung cancer, so I want to thank Chris and Penny Dreadful Publishers for giving me the chance be a part of this great cause.

My story was inspired by and ties in with the song “China Girl” as made famous by David Bowie.  I chose this track for several reasons.  One is that I have loved it since I was about 16. Another is that I have lived in Asia for over 6 years now.  Some other cool things about this track is that I love Iggy Pop and learned he collaborated with Bowie on it, and recorded it prior to Bowie’s release.  The song mentions a great line about Marlon Brando, too; anyone that knows me will understand how giddy I feel about that.


LOUDMOUTH’s at the Podium

Thanks again to Shannon and all the editors, especially Emily, at for posting my new piece Loudmouth.  You can read, guess who it’s “inspired” by, and comment on it here:

Don’t forget to read other people’s work and give them feedback, as well.

Take a bite of my PASTALOSOPHY

101 Words have been gracious enough to accept a second piece of flash fiction from yours truly.  Pastalosophy is scheduled to go up on their site Jan. 13th.  

At the end of the month if I am selected as the winner of their writing contest, I will receive a fat stack of books for free.

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