Social media is a great way to make friends. But, sometimes it brings the wrong people together.

Read all about it in my new short Antisocial Media. Thanks to Wayne Russell and his new project Degenerate Literature for giving my voice a platform. 

This is not an attack on people of any religion, provided they have a good heart. This story is a reflection on what I see in the news time and time again.



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S.L. Kerns may have southern roots grounded in Kentucky, but has branched out to a life in Asia. He spent over 5 years lost in Bangkokbefore moving to his current home in Japan. He loves soaking in…

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ANTISOCIAL MEDIA ‘Liked’ by Degenerate Literature

Big shout out to A.S. Coomer for telling me about this opportunity. You can read his work in issue # 3. 

The kind editor Wayne Russel has accepted my short story Antisocial Media for issue #4 of the newly established Degenerate Literature.

Here is a link to their second issue for you to get better acquainted with them.

And their Facebook:

I’ll keep you updated about the release date of issue #4.

RIDING MOWER at Silver Birch Press

The kind editors of Silver Birch Press have accepted my short prose for their LEARNING TO DRIVE Poetry and Prose series.

The challenge was to write prose (under 300 words) or poetry about your first driving experience.

It was a great trapse down memory lane. That old house. My best dog. The overgrown field. 

The publishing date is not confirmed yet, but I suspect it is near. I’ll keep you posted.