Ugly as Sin in CRITD III

Are you a fan of monsters? I am. Especially the cutesy ones that I grew up enjoying. You know, Critters, Gremlins, Tremors, Ghoulies and those things afraid of  “miyak” in Ernest Scared Stupid.

Well I have created my own in a horror/poilitical satire in “Ugly as Sin” and it has been accepted by the marvellous Edd and Kindra Sowder of Burning Willow Press.

Join the horror and fun of a good book this Fall as Henry and his daughter Tracy battle to save their politically corrupted Kentucky town.

You can still purchase CRITD II and read my apocalyptic tale “The Spirited Children,” and follow Benny Coomer as he rids the US of the fad dolls possessed by homeless spirits under the power of Thai hermits. This is a real things. Check out Luk Thep dolls on Youtube.

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Rise Has a Cover

The details of the release are fast approaching. Pre-orders can be made on

My poems An Ammendment in Angst and Gun at My Head are alongside several others in this cause for justice and unity against tyranny and police brutality. Thanks Mark Lipman for putting it together.