Novel! “The Rut” Shall Be Published by BWP!

Burning Willow Press has seen fit to publish my novel “The Rut.” Huge thanks to Edd Sowder and Kindra Sowder for including me in their great lineup of releases and with an incredible roster of talented authors.

The contract has been signed and the release date is tentative. As the ball gets rolling, I’ll keep you posted.

Expect cover art reveals. Blurbs. Book release parties. And a few freebies, and other exclusive content, for any readers that subscribe to my email list. I’ll likely give you a hefty e-book of short stories once the novel is released.

Stay near and dear as the countdown begins.

In the meantime, here’s the premise:

Relationships require hard work. If they are to last, sacrifices must be made. At what point does the idea of everlasting love become an obsession? Criminologist Dean Rollins finds himself on course to test the boundaries.

In Kentucky, while working on his second manuscript and dealing with a distant wife, Dean conducts interviews with an infamous Devil Worshipper in a well-known supermax prison. This murderous Southern man is part of a brotherhood who believe they must perform specific evil tasks to reap rewards in Hell. When he begins toying with Dean’s mind, how will things unfold?
Will Dean save himself from falling under the spells of his interviewee? Can he control his own destiny and pull his family out of The Rut?

Novel! “The Rut” Shall Be Published by BWP!


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